EDET 677: Final Reflection

If you had asked me at the beginning of the summer what I expected to get out of this class, I would have said something like, “I hope I gain a better understand of how robots work so I can start a robotics club for my students.” I had NO IDEA how much more than that this class was going to be. I am exhausted…in a really good way. The kind of exhaustion that comes from having so many wonderful ideas flying around in your head, all of which you know will be amazing for kids, and trying to figure out how to implement them all. The kind of exhaustion that comes from learning so many new things that you are certain there isn’t room for your brain to store them, and then you learn some more. The kind of exhaustion that makes you weary and happy and excited to start another school year!

While there have been so many wonderful things about the class, I think my favorite part was working with my classmates as we all navigated our way around the Arduino. The online makerspace time, while a bit limiting in its visual abilities, was the highlight of the class for me. I loved taking that time to just sit and discover. Sometimes I was joined by my children and sometimes I tinkered solo, but I was never alone because there was this very supportive network of fellow tinkerers, ready and willing to assist to help get me back on track when I got lost or to celebrate with me when I experienced success. That camaraderie, that feeling of collaboration, that excitement at discovering something new or solving something really challenging is why I want to start a makerspace in my classroom as soon as possible.

This week I watched all the available videos. I love the diversity of the ideas within this group.

Here are my responses:

Your proposal was so well organized and very thorough. I think the section about research that supports makerspaces is a wonderful idea. Not only can you show that the makerspace addresses the goals of the district, but that it has been shown to improve student learning outcomes as well. I also like the idea of providing mentoring for other teachers.
Very nicely done!

Nice work on your proposal. I really like how you tied the outcomes to the four Cs so effectively. Your school is lucky to have you taking the lead on this project!

I love the idea of a Makerspace which directly addresses cultural standards! Providing a place where students can acquire valuable skills which can be used later in life for a variety of purposes, from making warm clothing for oneself or a family member to creating crafts to sell for income, is very valuable indeed.

I enjoyed you proposal very much. I like your effective use of images throughout to help reinforce concepts or better convey meaning. I also really enjoyed seeing the website for your makerspace. The page with all the inspirational images was my favorite. In fact, it gave me the urge to get creating! Nicely done.